City of Port Arthur Employment Opportunities
Job Title Salary
Download  Cashier   $34,359/yr. - $42,730/yr. (DOE&Q)
Download  Equipment Maintenance Manager   $77,524-$94,138/yr. (DOE&Q)
Download  Telecommunications Operator   Starting $39,485 or $41,306 annually
Download  Equipment Services Supervisor   $46,564/yr. - $58,006/yr. (DOE&Q)
Download  Equipment Mechanic   $37,954-$47,015/annual (DOE&Q)
Download  Water Utilities Pretreatment Coordinator   $56,317- $69,846/yr. (DOE&Q)
Download  Accountant I   $46,564 - $58,006/yr. (DOE&Q)
Download  Entry-level Fire Fighter Exam   Not applicable
Download  Treatment Plant Operator   $41,086/yr.-$51,215/yr. (DOE&Q)
Download  APPLICATION LINK   Instructions for applying
Download  Senior Engineering Technician   $40,337/yr. - $50,080/yr. (DOE&Q)
Download  Community Health Intern   $14.66/Hour
Download  Building Official   $67,055 - $83,261/yr. (DOE&Q)
Download  Maintenance Worker I   $14.30/hr.-$17.76/hr. DOE&Q
Download  Assistant Director of Finance-Budgeting   $89,726--$108,846/yr. (DOE&Q)
Download  Budget and Compliance Analyst   $65,399/yr.-$81,444/yr. DOE&Q
Download  Assistant Director of Utility Operations   $77,524-$94,138/yr. (DOE&Q)
Download  Student Assistant-Library   $7.25/hour
Download  Purchasing Manager   $65,399/yr. - $81,444/yr. (DOE&Q)
Download  Streets Superintendent   $65,399-$81,444/yr (DOE&Q)
Download  Equipment Operator I   Starting $16.93/hr.-$18.66/hr. (DOE&Q)
Download  Building Inspector I/II-Plumbing   $41,306/yr., or $47,821/yr.
Download  Animal Control Officer   $34,359/yr. - $42,730/yr., (DOE&Q)
*The City of Port Arthur is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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